For two sets of tourists, the magic kingdom has lost some of its luster. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Walt Disney World PeopleMover was involved in two separate crashes that left the occupants suffering from injuries.

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is a tram that moves passengers through Tomorrowland. The ride lasts about 10 minutes, and the tram never goes faster than 7 mph.

Family’s cart was struck by another cart

However, in two separate incidents, the train moved fast enough to cause serious injuries. Heather and John Tregidgo took the PeopleMover with their two kids in June 2015. Their cart was moving through the park when it stopped abruptly inside Space Mountain. After stopping short, their cart was struck from behind by another cart.

Heather needed two surgeries after the crash

The family was not thrown from their cart, but Heather suffered serious injuries. Following the accident, she required two orthopedic surgeries which cost more than $175,000. The family is suing Disney to recover medical costs and damages. Their suit alleges the PeopleMover is a danger to anyone that rides the tram.

Deieso’s cart was also struck when her cart stopped abruptly

The family is not alone in their experience. Kristie Deieso was visiting Orlando on a girls trip, when she was also involved in an accident on the PeopleMover in February 2017. The ride had just started to move when Deieso’s cart stopped abruptly just 100 yards from the beginning. The cart behind her slammed into her cart.

She had a herniated disc in her neck

Deieso suffered injuries to her neck and shoulder. She had to have surgery to repair the herniated disc in her neck. She is also seeking damages.

Another family sued prior to these incidents

Before Deieso and the Tregidgo family filed suit against Disney, there was another lawsuit involving the PeopleMover. Two sisters were riding the tram with their children when their carts also crashed in 2015. They also suffered serious injuries. They reached an undisclosed settlement with the theme park.

It is unclear what if anything Disney did to change the ride after the alleged incident with the sisters.

If you suffered an injury while at Walt Disney World or another theme park, you may be able to hold the park responsible for your injuries. Unsafe conditions or other kinds of negligence may have caused your injury. If you live out of state, you should consider reaching out to an experienced Florida personal injury attorney. An attorney can examine your case and may help you recover compensation for your recovery.