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Some leading causes of child brain injuries may surprise you

You might assume that most traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in children result from athletic activities like football and soccer or maybe from car accidents. However, many of them occur around the house and are caused by faulty furniture or other dangers in the home that may not be readily apparent.

According to a recently published study in a journal called Brain Injury, about 72% percent of TBIs diagnosed in children's emergency room visits were related to some type of consumer product. Sports equipment like footballs and basketballs as well as bikes were among the products most commonly linked to non-fatal TBIs among children and teens, with nearly 29% of injuries related to sports and recreational activities.

More than 100,000 people get hurt by big trucks each year

Every day, you probably cross paths with several large trucks on your way to work and while performing household tasks like buying groceries or taking your kid to volleyball practice. All it takes is a few seconds of bad judgment on the part of a truck driver for one of those interactions to turn into a life-altering catastrophe.

Large commercial trucks weigh substantially more than even the largest passenger vehicles, which means that they can cause a lot of damage to passenger vehicles, sometimes even crushing them or shearing the top off of the vehicle. When a passenger vehicle collides with a commercial vehicle, the smaller passenger vehicle almost always bears the brunt of the damage.

Filing a workers' compensation claim against Disney World

A significant number of young people take jobs at Disney World in Orlando every year. While it's a magical wonderland for guests of all ages, workers are often less-than-enchanted with their working conditions.

In fact, one of Walt Disney 's heirs, Abigail Disney, made waves after she went undercover in one of the Disney theme parks and claimed she was horrified by how she saw employees being treated. While she went to Disneyland in California, there's little question that the two major theme parks are managed much the same.

How rollover accidents happen

Rollover accidents involving passenger vehicles can be catastrophic. While rollovers only happen in about 3% of all wrecks, they're involved in about 30% of vehicular fatalities.

That makes it important to understand what you can do to avoid ending up in a rollover yourself.

3 common reasons for back pain at work

People sometimes suffer from back injuries at work. These can come from an accident, but there is a chance that they might occur as the result of normal job duties. It is imperative that all employees have a basic knowledge of back safety for their tasks. It doesn't matter if they work in an office or at a construction site. That need is still the same.

There are three common factors that might contribute to back pain at work. Minimizing these can help to reduce the likelihood that you will suffer a back injury.

  • Repetition: Doing the same task over and over again can lead to a repetitive motion injury. Stretching and using proper ergonomics can boost your safety as you work. You have to be especially careful when you are twisting or bending.
  • Lack of movement: Staying in the same position for a long time can lead to your muscles becoming stiff. This might cause problems with your back, especially if you get up quickly and start doing something physical.
  • Force: Putting too much pressure on your back can lead to an injury. This might occur if you try to lift heavy items or move them around, for example. Even trying to slide something heavy can cause a problem.

What damages are available for Florida wrongful death victims?

Wrongful death can occur in many different situations. Examples of situations in which wrongful death may occur include the following.

  • A negligent motor vehicle accident
  • Inadequate treatment by a surgeon or physician
  • Accidents occurring on another person's property
  • A serious workplace accident
  • Death from using a defective product or medication

Many victims dealing with the untimely and wrongful death of a loved one never consider filing a claim. Most victims fear this would make them appear greedy or callous about their loved one's death. However, when you consider the bigger picture, you may begin to understand why some people pursue such a claim.

Man, baby killed in 9-vehicle crash along Interstate 75

The families of a 46-year-old man and an infant are mourning after both were killed in a nine-vehicle pileup on Interstate 75 in Florida, just north of Interstate 4 in Hillsborough County.

The tragedy occurred when the 74-year-old driver of a dump truck, traveling south on I-75, encountered heavy traffic but didn't stop in time to avoid a collision. The dump truck ran into the back of a tractor-trailer and then a Toyota Corolla. The dump truck then overturned and landed on a Nissan van.

The dangers or riding a mobility scooter in the street

Mobility scooters are great for those who need help getting around their home, stores, restaurants and other areas. But, if not used properly, a ride on a mobility scooter can turn tragic. Many people use mobility scooters on the roads of Orlando, Florida, which is not a safe or smart thing to do. Today, we will explore the dangers of riding your mobility scooter in the street.

Riding a mobility scooter on the side of the road is never a good idea, even if it is permitted. These scooters, although beneficial, do not move very fast. This means that you could very well hold up traffic, causing some drivers to become infuriated, which could lead to a road rage incident.

Florida family suing Tesla over fatal crash involving Autopilot

A future with "self-driving" cars may seem exciting to some people. Tesla and other automakers have made some important advancements in that direction. However, the time when a driver can sit back and ignore the road while their vehicle does all the work isn't upon us yet.

In recent years, two people have lost their lives while driving a Tesla set on Autopilot -- it's driver-assistance system. In 2016, a California man died after his car collided with a tractor-trailer. His family is suing the automaker.

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