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Coping with the aftermath of a catastrophic personal injury

As you undoubtedly know, a personal injury can disrupt your life at any moment. Motor vehicle accidents, in particular, cause a great amount of harm to the human body from broken bones to brain damage to catastrophic spinal cord injuries.

Should you shroud yourself in bubble wrap and stay in the safety of your home for eternity? Of course, you don't want to do that and neither do we, but remaining aware of danger may you avoid a catastrophic injury. For example, if you are driving home in the late evening, be aware of your surroundings, including other motorists. Look for signs of drunk or distracted driving behavior and maintain a safe distance.

Staying safe on the road this Halloween

If you're still a little anxious about driving because you've recently been involved in a car crash, you likely aren't looking forward to driving on Halloween night. It can be a particularly dangerous time because of the number of cars as well as young pedestrians out and about.

If you have to be on the road that night, either because you can't leave work early or because you're driving your kids to a Halloween event, some simple precautions can help keep you -- and others -- safe.

Florida woman injured in nail salon loses lawsuit

What was supposed to be a pleasant trip to a nail salon for a Florida woman turned into a nightmare of epic proportions. During her pedicure, she was cut by a mishandled pair of scissors.

The woman went into shock and nearly died from the resulting infection and went into a coma. While she ultimately survived, doctors had to amputate part of one of her feet and remove the toes from her other foot to save her life.

Safety tips for manufacturing work

If you don't have any real job experience, you may find your best opportunities to gain employment and experience in the manufacturing sector. The labor-intensive jobs in many factories tends to lead to a rapid turnover in employees as they move up in position or move on to something else.

If you're new to manufacturing work, take the time to review these safety tips before you start:

You have rights when planning a funeral

Planning a funeral for a loved one after a tragic accident is often emotionally challenging. It might also be financially draining. Unfortunately, laying the person to rest is going to be an expensive endeavor. If price is a concern, there are some options that you have to help save money.

Knowing your rights might help you to save money. The Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule of 1984 sets specific requirements for funeral homes. There are several factors that can help you while you make your plans.

  • Funeral homes must provide general pricing over the phone.
  • You must be allowed to provide an urn or casket.
  • You can decline embalming, but you might be subject to time restrictions for the funeral or burial.
  • Funeral homes must give you a list of casket prices.
  • You must be given an itemized statement.

Work comes to a halt on Interstate 4 after another worker dies

A $2 billion overhaul of Interstate 4 (I-4) that began in 2015 came to a screeching halt late last week in Orlando after a worker died on the job. The continuation of the downtown highway project is now up in the air.

According to eyewitnesses, a road construction worker was performing his regular tasks on Sept. 28 when a steel beam fell and struck him. He died instantly. The beam also made contact with a colleague of the decedent. That worker was transported by emergency responders to an area hospital suffering from serious injuries.

Can underride guards on trucks save lives?

If you've seen commercial trucks on the roads of Florida, you've likely seen the underride guards on the rear of these vehicles. They are pieces of metal that hang down from the bottom of the truck to nearly the top of the road.

This equipment is required on the rear of all commercial trucks by law. It is there in an effort to prevent vehicles from sliding underneath the rear of a truck in an accident. So, do underride guards save lives?

Product liability claims for defective medical devices

Manufacturers and designers of medical devices take many steps to make certain these products are safe for consumers. When your doctor prescribes you such a device, you can be reasonably sure that the product has already undergone many safety tests. However, there are times when even a well-tested device can cause harm to Florida patients.

To overcome the financial hardships that usually accompany injuries caused by defective devices, many victims choose to pursue a product liability claim. While these claims are often quite complex, a skilled legal team can greatly strengthen your odds of finding a satisfactory remedy. This means that you can acquire enough compensation to cover your medical needs for the duration of your injury even if it results in permanent disability.

Are 'fast' MRIs a better testing option than CT scans for kids?

When a child strikes their head in a car crash, playing sports, in a fall or other accident, parents may be concerned about them undergoing a CT scan because of the exposure to ionizing radiation. However, doctors often order CT scans in emergency rooms to help diagnose traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

There's a good -- and safer -- alternative, according to a study published recently in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine found that a "fast MRI" got the same or similar results as CT scans in 99% of cases. They looked at the test results of over 200 children under 6 who were seen in an emergency room.

Multiple lawsuits aim to hold Juul accountable for vaping trouble

Vaping is all over the news right now as government officials and medical experts scramble to determine why there's been a sudden outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths all over the country. In the meantime, however, some consumers are taking action against the leading manufacturer of vaping products, Juul, through lawsuits.

Dozens of lawsuits, including at least one here in Florida, have sprung up almost overnight. Many allege that Juul specifically aimed its advertising -- and its products -- at teenagers and young adults through social media campaigns and sweet flavors. Many young users bought into the idea that vaping nicotine products is "safe," unlike smoking.

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