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September 2019 Archives

Are 'fast' MRIs a better testing option than CT scans for kids?

When a child strikes their head in a car crash, playing sports, in a fall or other accident, parents may be concerned about them undergoing a CT scan because of the exposure to ionizing radiation. However, doctors often order CT scans in emergency rooms to help diagnose traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Multiple lawsuits aim to hold Juul accountable for vaping trouble

Vaping is all over the news right now as government officials and medical experts scramble to determine why there's been a sudden outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths all over the country. In the meantime, however, some consumers are taking action against the leading manufacturer of vaping products, Juul, through lawsuits.

Florida laws aim to stop dangerous texting and driving

A new texting and driving law went into effect in Florida over the summer. Drivers need to ensure that they know precisely what is allowed now. One of the significant points to recognize is that the new law makes using a cellphone while you drive a primary offense. This means that officers can pull vehicles over based on seeing this happen.

How do I avoid injury at an Orlando roadside construction site?

Working on an Orlando roadside construction site is incredibly dangerous. Even though there are warning signs, cones and other blockades, you can still be involved in a serious accident. Most roadside construction zone accidents are caused by inattentive or impaired drivers. So, how do you avoid injury at an Orlando roadside construction site?

Many theme park injuries are due to premises negligence

All premises that are open to the public must be safe for use and visitation at all times. Ensuring that a shop or restaurant is safe, for example, is a fairly straightforward process. However, on premises such as theme parks, there are thousands of potential hazards, and these must be identified and managed by staff. This management of safety is usually executed successfully. But when it is not, serious consequences can result.

Florida personal injury claims: Lawyer approved do's and don'ts

When a severe personal injury leaves you struggling with pain, recovery efforts and mounting debt, you need real information, not legal rhetoric. You have probably already unearthed a vast amount of data -- some of it useful, much of it not -- in your quest to find a solution. Now you are likely ready for simple words packed with actual information.

How safety features can reduce your risk of a crash

If you've been involved in a car accident, one of the things at the top of your to-do list may be to buy a new car. Whether yours was irreparably damaged or you simply feel that you need a safer vehicle, you'll find a lot of safety features available on newer model vehicles. Some are standard. Others are part of a package that you will need to pay a little extra for.

Vaping injuries provoke a sense of crisis among doctors

Vaping was originally touted as a safer alternative to cigarettes with all their additives -- but a spate of serious lung injuries across at least 33 states has thrown the entire industry under a microscope. Investigators are trying to figure out what is suddenly causing massive respiratory illness among those who vape.

3 classes of product liability claims you might make

Consumers expect to purchase reasonably safe products. They never expect to get something home and suffer an injury because it was defective. Product liability cases work to hold the manufacturer or another liable party accountable for the damages that a consumer has due to an injury caused by the product.

Get guidance before you settle your product liability claim

Most of the products Florida residents purchase and use will not cause any harm because manufacturers strive to comply with safety regulations. However, as you know, no guarantees exist in life. This means that the worst can happen and leave you nursing a serious injury simply because you used a product as instructed.

Damages to the body from a crush injury

One of the most traumatic injuries a person can suffer is that of a crush injury. Crush injuries can occur in just about any situation. Crush injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, work accidents and more. So long as a part of your body is overcome with pressure or force, a crush injury has occurred. Let's explore the damages to the body caused by a crush injury in today's post.

In a car accident? Here’s why you should go see a doctor

Most of us experience a car accident of some kind throughout our lives, and if we're very fortunate the vehicles involved are the only things that sustain damage. Sometimes, victims of a car accident think that they were not harmed by the experience, only to realize later on that their bodies received more damage than they realized at first.

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