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How do I avoid injury at an Orlando roadside construction site?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2019 | Construction Injury |

Working on an Orlando roadside construction site is incredibly dangerous. Even though there are warning signs, cones and other blockades, you can still be involved in a serious accident. Most roadside construction zone accidents are caused by inattentive or impaired drivers. So, how do you avoid injury at an Orlando roadside construction site?

Be sure you wear protective gear and clothing that is highly visible and reflective when working on a roadside construction site. Approaching vehicles will be able to see you better if you have on clothing with reflective striping. These items should be worn at all times. Protective gear includes helmets, goggles and steel-toed boots.

Attend daily safety briefings. Major roadside construction projects should begin each day with a safety briefing. This meeting should remind all workers how they can stay safe while working. Follow all the tips provided in the safety briefing and bring up any safety concerns you have with the construction zone.

Try to work as far from the motoring public as possible. If the construction zone is just one lane or the shoulder, this might be very difficult. You should only conduct work in the construction zone if it is set up properly and provides you with plenty of safe space between the zone and the closest lane of travel.

Consider assigning a co-worker as a spotter, especially if you are working extremely close to moving vehicles. The spotter needs to be on the lookout for erratic, impaired, reckless and distracted drivers so he or she can give ample warning to the construction crew.

Roadside construction sites, despite their warning signs and devices, are very dangerous job sites. Your life is at risk each day you go to work. Make sure you follow the tips outlined in today’s post in order to prevent being injured in an accident. Always look for vehicles ignoring construction signs or those headed directly for the zone.


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