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April 2019 Archives

Whom can you hold liable in a product liability claim?

When Orlando residents purchase a product, they expect it to work as promised, and they certainly do not expect it to cause an injury. Unfortunately, if a product is defective or dangerous, injury can occur, sometimes with severe results. The law allows victims of product injury to pursue compensation for their harm in a legal setting, but how do you know whom to target in a product liability claim?

Cyclist gives terrifying account of his accident

People often talk about how dangerous bike-vs-car accidents can be, but then you still see plenty of motorists who crowd bikes on the shoulder of the road, make dangerous passing maneuvers and honk their horns to bully cyclists who are riding slower than they'd like to drive.

Pursue workers' compensation after a work-related accident

Being injured at work isn't a pleasant experience. Some individuals who have to deal with this worry about what is going to happen with their job duties if they are unable to return. Others might also be concerned about retaliation from the employer because any form of retaliation is strictly forbidden. We know that this is a difficult situation, but workers' compensation can help address these issues.

You do not have to fall far to suffer serious injuries

It's easy to understand why roofers experience a lot of danger on the job. If they're working 30 feet off the ground on a two-story house, a fall can be dramatic and deadly. For construction workers who may be hundreds of feet off of the ground, an uncontrolled fall may simply not be survivable. Anything over 50 feet is very likely to be deadly.

Motorcycle deaths are far more common than in other car accidents

When you look at the raw statistics, motorcyclists die far less often in total than people in passenger cars. In 2017, for instance, around 5,000 motorcyclists lost their lives. In 2016, it was nearly 5,300. Considering that around 30,000 die annually in motor vehicle accidents, this makes motorcycles appear safer.

Avoid these car insurance claim mistakes at all costs

A car accident has the potential to impact your life in many ways, ranging from a variety of serious injuries to financial losses. Adding to these challenges, you may come to find that your insurance company doesn't have your best interests in mind.

Make your amusement park trip safer

Warmer weather means busy times for amusement parks. Spring and summer vacations are prime times for families all over the country to head to their favorite parks. Like anything, these places have their own dangers.

Trains and buses too often lack basic safety features

Here in Florida, motor coaches and other buses are a common sight – especially as vehicles to bring tourists to our theme parks and shuttle them around while they are here. And although they are not as widely used, trains are quickly growing in popularity as well. They are an important commuting tool for many workers and are an eco-friendly alternative to driving a personal vehicle.

Grocery stores test robots to prevent slip-and-fall accidents

When discussing the concept of “premises liability,” many lawyers use grocery store spills as an example because it is a hazard familiar to all of us. Broken jars, freshly mopped floors and vegetables that fall on the floor create the perfect conditions for slip-and-fall accidents. If grocery store employees fail to notice and or address the hazardous conditions, the store can be held liable for injuries suffered by customers.

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