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Warmer weather means busy times for amusement parks. Spring and summer vacations are prime times for families all over the country to head to their favorite parks. Like anything, these places have their own dangers.

Amusement parks injuries can result in hospital visits and an average of two amusement park-related deaths occurred per year between 2010 and 2018.

Don’t let these statistics deter you. Most park goers have no problems and following posted safety guidelines go a long way to ensuring your health. For instance, if an attraction has a disclaimer for those with heart conditions, skipping that one might be a good idea if you have heart concerns. If a roller coaster says to keep your arms and head in the car, keep them in the car.

Read the fine print

A part of your research process should include reviewing the park’s legal disclaimer. These are typically readily available on the company’s website. Look the terms over and know what your rights are should something go wrong.

For example, Disneyworld has their disclaimer listed under their terms and conditions on their website. Their disclaimer says that booking a reservation implies that you agree that, “any claim, action or lawsuit” would file and maintain them in Orange County court because Florida has subject matter jurisdiction. You also agree that Florida law governs these terms and conditions.

Universal Studios’ website gives a legal disclaimer that states any conflict or claim with NBCUniversal will resolve it in arbitration versus litigation. By entering a transaction or relationship is implied agreement. Other parks could include things such as assumption of risk

The back of your admission tickets could also include language about “assumption of risk” where by using the ticket you accept the risk of injury. This clause can make proving a personal injury case challenging but not impossible.

Dont forget to pack your knowledge

Amusement parks can be fun for the whole family. They also must protect both visitors and themselves. Following posted safety guidelines and understanding implied legal agreements that come with your transaction or reservation can help you protect yourself should something unexpected arise.

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