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A cheerleader is hit by an umbrella, injured at Disney World

On Behalf of | May 26, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Two Texas teens are now back home recovering from head injuries that they suffered while visiting Disney World earlier this month.

The teenagers were slated to take part in a cheerleading competition at the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) Wide World of Sports Complex one fateful May afternoon. They’d begun disembarking their team bus when apparently the wind picked up. The next thing that the girls remember is feeling something hit the back of their heads.

At least one of the girls blacked out. Both girls fell on the concrete beneath them and started bleeding profusely. Both were rushed to the hospital. Both of the girls were diagnosed as having concussions. One of the girls required staples to close her wound.

One of the girls who was evaluated by her doctors back in Texas notes that it’s likely that she’ll need both cognitive and physical therapy to recover from her serious head injury. They told her that she may also be unable to cheer again.

A team coach apparently witnessed a wooden umbrella flying in the direction of two of his cheerleaders but was unable to reach the girls before it struck them. A mom for one of the victims said that her daughter didn’t see the umbrella coming at her.

The mother for one of the injured cheerleaders mentioned that she didn’t see where any of the umbrellas were secured in place so that such an incident wouldn’t occur. She said that they should have had procedures in place to close umbrellas to keep them from flying away in poor weather.

One of the moms notes that she expects Disney to apologize to her. She also wants them to pay for her daughter’s treatment as she believes that it was their responsibility to maintain the umbrellas. Her expectation is that by holding the Orlando amusement park accountable for their actions, it will minimize the chance that they’ll allow such an incident to happen again in the future.

Florida is known for many tourists attractions. There are so many ways individuals can get hurt, whether it’s on rides, wet floors, in pools or virtually anywhere else. The amount of money that is needed to treat these injuries can be costly, especially if long-term care is required. A personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation for your expenses.


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