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Cellphones do have a risk of sparking or exploding

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Product Liability |

There are many things that you expect your phone to do. You probably want to make calls, send texts and browse the internet. One thing that you don’t expect it to do is to start to spark and almost catch on fire. This is exactly what an 11-year-old girl said happened to her iPhone 6.

The girl says that she was in bed when her phone started sparking in her hand. She claims to have thrown it onto a blanket. That resulted in the phone burning several holes in the blanket. The girl told her parents, and her mother contacted Apple support. She was told that she should send pictures to Apple and then send the device back to them once she receives labels for shipping.

Apple says that it is looking into the claims by the woman. The issue with this is that it isn’t the first time that a cellphone has reportedly exploded or nearly exploded while customers were using them. Back in 2017, the issue was present with the Samsung Note 7. Two customers noted that they had devices that exploded, and a recall was issued.

When you purchase a cellphone or any product, you expect that the manufacturer has done their own safety checks to ensure that the product is safe. Problems with safety should be addressed prior to customers getting their hands on the item. People who do suffer from injuries due to unsafe products might opt to seek compensation for the financial damages that they have suffered because of the injury. Filing the claim in the civil court system should be done quickly since there are some strict limits that come with this.

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