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Sunglasses are critical driving safety equipment in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Car Safety |

Quite a few people think of sunglasses as nothing more than a fashion accessory that can help you look trendy or hip. However, sunglasses are an important form of protection for your eyes, which are vulnerable to damage from exposure to too much light. Sunglasses also serve an important role as a safety device for those driving their vehicles in sunny conditions, which is mostly every day in Florida.

Sunglasses help you see the road and eliminate the risk of glare temporarily blinding you. If you don’t have sunglasses, you could run into a situation where visibility issues directly result in an otherwise preventable collision. Even with proper precautions, another driver without sunglasses could still cause a wreck.

Even with proper visor use, glare is a danger

Most vehicles have visors above the driver and passenger seats in the front. For most people, the primary use of these visors is simply to allow them a mirror in which to check their appearance when they arrive at a destination. However, visors can also serve a critical rule of blocking out bright sunlight when you drive.

For example, if you are driving into the sun or perpendicular to it, the way the sun enters your vehicle could make it hard to keep your eyes focused on the road or even to see the display on your dashboard properly. Visors can generate a small area of shade over your dashboard or face that can make visibility much better. However, not all glare is easily predictable.

Puddles of water, glass or metal outside of buildings and even other vehicles can unexpectedly bounce scintillating sunlight into your eyes, temporarily blinding you. Unexpected glare can make it difficult to see the road around you or force you to turn your head or even close your eyes for a moment. Sunglasses protect you from unexpected glare that could otherwise compromise your ability to drive safely.

Nice weather can be as dangerous as bad weather

Most people understand that they need to adjust their driving for road and weather conditions, but few people tend to think of sunny weather as a condition they need to consider. They may only worry about leaving kids or pets in the car. Unfortunately, a lack of foresight is not an adequate defense against claims of liability related to a motor vehicle crash.

Keeping sunglasses in your car and wearing them anytime you drive, especially during the dawn and twilight hours when light moves in unpredictable ways, can reduce the risk of a crash. If you got hurt in a crash caused by a driver who admitted to glare-related blindness or visibility issues, you may be able to take legal action against the other driver by holding them financially responsible for the injuries and property damage they caused.


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