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Your Fourth of July can be both fun and safe

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Fireworks are a fun and traditional way to celebrate the Fourth of July. Whether you want to buy a few fireworks to set off with your kids or plan to spend hours lighting up the sky with your friends, there are inherent risks associated with explosives.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), emergency departments treated roughly 5,600 fireworks-related injuries last year. And there are reports of five lives lost due to fireworks in 2018. As Independence Day approaches, you can consider some safety tips to help you avoid becoming an injury statistic.

Five ways to safely enjoy fireworks

You can purchase fireworks at various tents throughout the Orlando area. However, their availability does not necessarily mean they are safe.

Before you begin your fireworks display, please remember to:

  • Only light each firework once.
  • Always ignite fireworks on the ground, as the fuses could burn faster than anticipated.
  • Keep fireworks a safe distance from people, structures, trees and your remaining fireworks supply.
  • Have a bucket of sand or water nearby for your used fireworks – do not throw used fireworks in the trash can, as they could light other objects on fire.
  • Supervise children at all times. Although you might think sparklers are safe for children, you will want to do your best to avoid burns and potential sword fights.

If you choose to light fireworks in a residential area, be mindful of your neighbors – not everyone wants to be kept awake all night. Also, if you know of any military veterans living in your area, be aware that they could have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); it would be neighborly to ask if they are okay with the sound of explosives in the area.

Although you want to celebrate the Fourth of July, you probably do not want to do so at someone else’s expense. You can keep safety and consideration at the heart of your festivities while reducing your chances of experiencing injuries.


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