Wrongful death can occur in many different situations. Examples of situations in which wrongful death may occur include the following.

  • A negligent motor vehicle accident
  • Inadequate treatment by a surgeon or physician
  • Accidents occurring on another person’s property
  • A serious workplace accident
  • Death from using a defective product or medication

Many victims dealing with the untimely and wrongful death of a loved one never consider filing a claim. Most victims fear this would make them appear greedy or callous about their loved one’s death. However, when you consider the bigger picture, you may begin to understand why some people pursue such a claim.

For example, if the main breadwinner of the household dies wrongfully, it typically results in severe financial hardships for the victim’s surviving family members. A wrongful death claim can mitigate these hardships by providing survivors with necessary financial compensation. Below are a few examples of the damages available in Florida wrongful death cases.

  • Monetary awards for the mental pain and suffering associated with the loss of a loved one
  • The monetary value of lost support and services, plus interest
  • Financial compensation for the loss protection and companionship
  • Awards for children who have lost parental companionship, guidance and instruction
  • Compensation to pay medical and funeral expenses surrounding a loved one’s death

To the bereaved, it is never about the money they may win in a wrongful death claim. Instead, it is about surviving, coping and making the lives of their family better. If you have lost a beloved family member to wrongful death, consider speaking with an Orlando injury attorney about the legal options at your disposal.