Orlando is not the safest place for pedestrians. If you’ve ever walked down the street, you may have noticed how much traffic there is and how many accidents take place.

While pedestrians do need to be cautious, it is also up to drivers to be aware of their surroundings. Take, for example, this pedestrian fatality case out of Altamonte Springs, where a 79-year-old man was killed while walking outside the entrance of the Sun Ridge condos.

The police who reported to the scene stated that the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Sadly, the driver knew the victim. The police indicated that they’d continue their investigation.

This is just one instance where a person was killed, and it speaks to the dangers of being a pedestrian when vehicles may be present. With so many risks, pedestrians need to be ready for anything.

How can you protect yourself while walking as a pedestrian?

If you have to walk somewhere near a roadway, it’s important to do your best to stay on a sidewalk. If you have to cross the road, you should always use a crosswalk, or, if one is not available, be extremely cautious and cross only in areas where you can see the roadway for some distance.

Always avoid alcohol if you plan on walking since it will impair your abilities. The same should go for drivers, who should never drink and get behind the wheel.

With these simple safety tips and better awareness, it’s possible to avoid accidents. If you do get hit by a vehicle, you may be able to seek compensation.