The use of the word “accident” to describe collisions between cars in Orlando is widely accepted due to the fact that most such incidents are unintentional. Yet at the same time, it can also be misleading given that few (if any) are not the direct result of another’s actions or behavior. Car crash victims and/or their families may not immediately desire to seek legal action, yet oftentimes the circumstances that they face require them to do so (those being extensive medical bills and/or vehicle repair costs). Given that their predicaments are the result of others’ liability, they may be justified in seeking compensation.

A Massachusetts family vacationing in Orlando is currently having to deal with the consequences of a serious collision. Authorities report that they traveled in a van near Kissimmee, an approaching truck hit them from behind, causing their vehicle to roll. The truck also reportedly hit another vehicle; ultimately four cars ended up being involved in the collision. The truck driver and the occupants of the two other vehicles were able to avoid injury. Sadly, however, four of the occupants of the van (including two young children) were killed in the collision.

Law enforcement officials report that the driver of the truck had been cooperating with their investigation. Yet cooperation in such cases may not absolve one who drove recklessly or irresponsibly from liability. Even if their actions were unintentional, those affected by them may still seek recourse against them. Anyone finding themselves in the position of needing to do so may find that an experienced personal injury attorney is a valuable ally to have in such a scenario.