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Panic attacks after a large truck crash

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Every day, collisions involving large trucks occur across the country. These accidents are very serious in some instances, leading to the loss of life or a life-altering injury. However, these accidents also present hidden consequences for many of the victims involved. For example, mental challenges such as an anxiety disorder, depression or panic attacks occur and disrupt the lives of many victims. Our law firm understands how devastating the mental and emotional toll of a large truck collision is and victims need to examine all of their resources in the wake of such a traumatic event.

When someone is hit by a truck while driving or riding in a much smaller vehicle, the experience is very unsettling. Some people have flashbacks, especially if they were convinced that their life was coming to an end. Some can recover from this trauma relatively swiftly, while others struggle with lasting mental hardships that disrupt various facets of their lives. For example, people with high levels of trauma experience problems at work and in their personal relationships in some instances.

Moreover, panic attacks and high levels of anxiety lead to other issues. Sometimes, people in this position are hesitant to move forward with a lawsuit because they are overwhelmed by the mental challenges they are facing. This is particularly concerning because those struck by negligent truck drivers deserve justice and access to all of the resources that will help them move forward. Please visit our accidents page if you want to read more about large truck wrecks. Additionally, do your best to remain hopeful and stay optimistic, even though this is often very difficult.

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