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Car crashes may cause wrongful death

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

Car accidents can be traumatic events for any family, but if one of your loved ones dies in the crash, the situation becomes worse. After this happens, you may wonder if your loved one’s death was wrongful.

A death in a car accident can be a wrongful death depending on the circumstances that caused the crash.

Manufacturing defects

According to FindLaw, manufacturing defects can cause wrongful death. The company that made your vehicle may have used parts that were not manufactured correctly. Additionally, the company may not have performed enough testing to ensure the car is safe. In this situation, a defect can cause a collision that results in someone’s death.

Negligent behavior

The actions of another driver can result in a fatal collision. Drivers may not pay enough attention to the road if they did not get enough sleep or if they use their phones behind the wheel. Additionally, drivers may not have full control over their vehicles if they are drunk. If your loved one died because of another driver’s negligence, the death may be wrongful.

The death of your loved one can have a deep impact on your family. You may lose the income and benefits that your family needs and your children may lose the guidance and support of a parent. In the middle of this difficult time, your family also has to pay to bury your loved one. Because of these factors, you may consider pursuing a wrongful death claim. In this situation, you usually need to demonstrate that the actions of another person or a company caused your loved one’s death.


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