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Florida ranks second in nation for fatal work zone car crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Work zones have long been a hassle for motorists, but research shows that Florida’s work zones are more than a pain – they are also some of the most dangerous in the nation. Construction zones create many hazards that cause confusion and increase the chances of a wreck. Many work zone car wrecks result in one or more injuries or fatalities. 

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida currently sees the second-highest number of fatal work zone car crashes in the entire country. About 2% of all serious injuries Americans sustain while driving occur in work zones, and 3% of all traffic fatalities take place in these areas. 

What is it that makes these areas of the roadway so hazardous, and is there anything you might do to help protect yourself? 

Construction zone crash hazards

Ongoing road construction often leads to unfamiliar detours, large obstructions in the roadway, loose gravel and similar hazards. All these variables may contribute to crashes. While some of the risks you encounter in construction zones have to do with the actual construction, others come from drivers who take unnecessary risks when traveling through them. 

Many wrecks in Florida’s work zones involve drivers who are speeding. Work zones also see high numbers of rear-end collisions, which are often a direct result of drivers not leaving enough room between their cars and other vehicles. 

Construction zone safety tips

When possible, avoid work zones. When this is not possible, slow down and make note of all signs and detours. 

Tapping your brakes when approaching work zones may also help alert other drivers to your presence and help you avoid collisions. 

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