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What are the different types of distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Distracted driving could lead to more than missing an exit. Motorists who allow their concentration to drift may cause a disastrous accident on Florida roads. Distracted driving can have many causes. “Rubbernecking” at stalled vehicles or trying to read addresses could lead to collisions. However, other common reasons seem to appear time and time again when distracted driving crashes happen.

Top reasons for distracted driving accidents

Diverting eyes away from the road could lead to an accident. What about letting the ears wander? Anything that hampers attention comes with the potential for a catastrophic distraction. So, listening to music or a phone call might be enough to cause a crash. Once concentration goes elsewhere for any reason, reaction time may decrease.

A loss of reaction time decreases safety for drivers. Looking or listening “elsewhere” may undermine perceptions, so drivers may not notice a recently turned red light or a vehicle stopped in front of them. That’s why listening to a vehicle’s infotainment system or carrying on conversations with passengers might be more dangerous than initially realized.

Other ways to become a distracted driver

Anything that involves the hands leaving the wheel could result in distracted driving. For example, eating and drinking while driving are two common ways people find themselves distracted. The activities’ mundane nature leads some not to worry, but huge differences exist between having coffee at the dinner table and doing so while driving.

Similarly, fixing a collar, applying makeup, or combing your hair could distract the hands, eyes, and mind. Noticing problems on the road and reacting appropriately might be impossible.

A distracted driving motor vehicle accident could result in serious harm to occupants of other vehicles. People who have been the victim of this type of negligence might find it advisable to discuss their situation with a personal injury attorney in order to learn more about the options for seeking compensation for the losses that they have sustained.


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