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Increased temps raise accident risks for everyone on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

During the summer months in Florida, accident risks increase. Statistics demonstrate that more fatal accidents occur between the months of July and September than at any other time of the year. By understanding the factors that contribute to higher accident rates during the summer, people might be able to take precautions to reduce their risks of being involved in collisions.

Factors that cause increased summertime accident risks

One factor that increases the chance of accidents during the summer is the heat. When the temperatures soar, it causes the air in a vehicle’s tires to expand. If the tires are worn, the increased tire pressure can cause a tire to pop and blow out. People should make sure to check their tires and replace them when they are worn to help to prevent this problem. Checking the air pressure in the tires should also be a routine task.

More teens are also on the roads during the summer months while they are not in school. Since teenage drivers are less experienced and are likelier to take risks, this also can lead to more accidents. Parents should model safe driving practices and set strict rules for their teens when they drive. They should prohibit cell phone use while driving and limit the number of friends a teen can have in his or her car.

Vacationers, tourists, cyclists, and motorcyclists all take to the roads during the summer months. Increased traffic congestion can result in accidents. There also might be more road construction crews on the highways and streets, further contributing to congestion and increasing the risk of collisions. People should follow all traffic rules and keep their attention focused on the road when they drive. Driving safely and paying attention to what is happening on the roads might provide people with more time to react to hazards.


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