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Construction site injuries that you can avoid

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Construction Injury |

Construction workers are at high risk of many different types of injuries in Florida. Although it’s difficult sometimes, you can prevent some of these injuries. In this article, we’re going to discuss the most common construction site injuries that you can avoid, and some tips on how you can avoid them.

Being struck by an object

When you’re working at a construction site, you might be at risk of getting struck by an object. It can be a falling tool, materials or anything similar. If you have the right training and equipment, there isn’t much to get worried about in regards to such forms of construction injuries. Just remember that you can also avoid this type of injury by avoiding or being extra careful in unsafe conditions, such as wet or icy floors and areas with loose cables.


Falling is the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims in construction. As a worker, you can fall off a ladder, scaffolding, workers’ platform or anything similar. You can also fall from stairs and get injured by falling objects, such as ladders. To avoid this type of injury, you need to work safely at all times. Wear the proper safety equipment, which includes hardhats, goggles and gloves. You can reduce this risk by being careful while walking on unstable objects, such as pallets and scaffolding.

Getting electrocuted

While it’s rare, workers get electrocuted by broken wires or water that’s in contact with electricity. To avoid this type of injury, you should stay away from any electrical cords and cables in your work area at all times. If your work involves handling live wires, then you should have the right equipment for the job.

Getting run over

Construction workers are at risk of getting hit or run over by a machine. When you’re working on the ground, there is always a risk that someone will use heavy equipment where they shouldn’t have and cause injury to any nearby workers. To avoid this type of injury, it’s best to stay away from construction machines altogether. If you have to work near these machines, then it’s best to keep yourself aware of where they are at all times.

Working at a construction site is risky. There are many different types of injuries that you can suffer. If you want to avoid some of these common construction site injuries, then be aware and follow the above safety procedures at all times.

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