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Does Amazon have a new product liability policy?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Product Liability |

Amazon has apparently shifted its approach to dealing with dangerous items sold on its platform. Recent controversies and legal fights led to Amazon’s brand name finding itself in news reports in a less-than-flattering light. A 2020 decision in a California court stated that Amazon could be liable for defective products sold on its platform. Amazon decided to make some policy changes, and Florida customers may receive a payment from Amazon if a third-party seller delivers a dangerous product.

Amazon offers to pay $1,000

Amazon came up with an interesting plan to address product liability claims. The online retail giant announced that it might pay upwards of $1,000 to customers who are harmed by a third-party seller’s defective product.

Amazon won’t serve as the first line of compensation, and the company will only step in when the third party proves unresponsive to customer claims. The new complaint process could address minor losses that disgruntled customers experience. Of course, $1,000 won’t likely be enough to placate customers with more substantial losses.

Product liability concerns and injuries

When a seller puts a defective product on the market, customers might suffer injuries. A defective product could cause a fire and inflict severe injuries on a customer. A defective tool may inflict severe cuts or punctures. Broken toys might expose small children to a choking hazard.

Anyone whose negligence causes harm to others may face lawsuits. Amazon and third-party commerce sites fall under the umbrella of responsible parties. So, victims could seek compensation from all entities that contributed to the injuries. Perhaps insurance settlements will cover some of the losses.


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