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Can I sue a delivery service if I’m hit by one of its vehicles?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Residents of Orlando and other areas of Florida may want to learn more about being in an accident with a delivery truck. Today’s fast-paced world has abundant trucks rushing about making deliveries. It may be a UPS, Amazon or Fed Ex truck or a driver of a truck from a smaller company. You have legal recourse in either case; suing the company and the driver may be possible.

Even if you think that the driver does not have the money, there are avenues to pursue. Learn about the different scenarios.

You can sue both the driver and the delivery company

You can sue both the driver and the company that owns the truck. If the company is not at fault, you can sue the driver for recovery of medical bills and lost wages from your injuries.

You can sue the delivery company

A UPS truck hit you. You can sue the company as it is legally liable for the accidents and injuries that it causes. This is if the driver is an employee of the company and was doing his or her job at the time.

Hit by a delivery company and injured while parked

Sometimes, there is a hit-and-run. If you were injured and do not know who the culprit was, there is still recourse. Your attorney may file a personal injury suit even if you don’t know who hit you.

Since in many states it is not legal to hit-and-run, a driver leaving the scene may be negligent. Your attorney can help with the investigation as to who hit you.

You have options when it comes to injures received from an accident with a truck. This includes cases in which you know the company that hit you as well as when there was a hit-and-run. Whatever the type of accident, when a truck hits you, you deserve compensation for your injuries.


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