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Things to remember after a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Being involved in any car accident in Florida is scary, even when it’s just a minor fender-bender. Sometimes, if we don’t prepare ahead mentally, we don’t end up making the smartest moves in a traumatic situation. Here are some things to remember if you’re ever involved in a car accident.

Get to safety and check if anyone is hurt

The first thing you need to do after a motor vehicle accident is to get out of the path of oncoming traffic. If anyone else was involved in your accident, check to make sure everyone is OK. Because you may not be thinking clearly, be very careful getting out of your vehicle. It’s possible that you bumped your head or suffered another kind of injury that you aren’t immediately cognizant of.

You should call 911, especially if anyone was injured in your accident. It’s also crucial that you remain near the scene since leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident is a crime. While checking to make sure that everyone is alright, try to avoid making any statements about who was at fault for the accident.

Collect information

After an accident, you should try to collect names and contact information of everyone who was involved. If possible, get people’s driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers and insurance policy numbers too. You should also try to take videos and photos of the scene that show the damage and the placement of vehicles on the roadway.

Get help

Even if you have collected a lot of information and documentation, it may be difficult to prove who was at fault for your car accident. Contacting professionals who can help you may be a smart move after a multi-vehicle car accident.

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