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Trucks contribute to work zone crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Personal Injury, Trucking Accidents |

Some of the worst accidents in Florida occur in construction zones where trucks are moving in and out of the traffic lanes with minimal protection from flag personnel and caution signs. Not only can work trucks be a hazard under certain circumstances, semis driving through the reduced speed zone can create issues as well. Even though there are enhanced penalties for being cited while violating speed reductions, accidents still occur when truckers happen upon a work zone without prior notice and have a short stopping distance.

Work trucks in the zone

All work zones will typically be a central location for work trucks. Dump trucks are actually very common regardless of whether the zone is a construction area or a cleanup operation of any type. Even paving projects can be a prime location for an accident involving trucks that result in a personal injury. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration statistics show that 1/3 of all fatal accidents in work zones involve trucks.


Another real problem with trucks in a work zone is big rigs driving too fast in a zone with few flagging personnel controlling traffic. This scenario is actually when the worst truck accidents occur causing personal injuries. Even the most professional commercial drivers can have difficulty slowing down when coming upon a work zone that is poorly cordoned off or with a lack of signage indicating a reduced speed zone.

All Florida drivers should be very cautious when approaching work zones anywhere within the state, especially when driving on two-lane roads with no flagging personnel. Speed is always a factor when going through a work zone, primarily because of reduced stopping distances for all vehicles. Drivers should always remember to stay as far away from the work activity as possible.

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