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Are pedestrian deaths on the rise in Florida?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pedestrian Accident |

Crossing the street represents a mundane, routine task that could cost someone their life. A driver may try to rush through a red light or make an illegal turn, hitting a pedestrian with the right of way. Florida remains home to many busy highways, a factor that might contribute to pedestrian injuries and fatalities. That said, pedestrians face risks in parking lots and quiet residential streets. Avoiding injuries, including fatal ones, becomes a challenge when faced with so many vehicular threats.

Florida and pedestrian fatalities

The South Florida region encompassed by Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach-Miami may be the most dangerous area in the state for pedestrians. Smart Growth America ranks the location as the 13th most dangerous in the United States. Between 2010 and 2019, 1,675 pedestrians lost their lives in South Florida, a shocking figure.

When a car or truck hits a person jogging or walking, the pedestrian’s body suffers under the weight and impact. Even if the vehicle “only” knocks someone to the ground, the victim may suffer a traumatic brain injury or worse.

Florida continues to experience population growth, meaning more pedestrians come to a state with high accident figures. 2014 saw Florida rank number one on a list of states with the highest fatalities, a frightening figure.

Pedestrian deaths and driver negligence

Some might wonder why pedestrians face great risks in Florida. As is the case elsewhere, negligence plays a role in the deaths. An intoxicated driver may not be capable of safely operating a car, and a distracted driver could cause motor vehicle accidents, as well. Even with public awareness campaigns and harsh laws, distracted and intoxicated driving incidents will continue to occur.

The same applies to poorly maintained vehicles and moving violations. People don’t always drive safe cars, nor do they always operate vehicles safely.

When someone’s negligence causes an accident, the victim might sue for damages. Auto insurance coverage might cover the losses associated with motor vehicle collisions, although the insurance company could seek to minimize its settlement amount. Accident victims might need to fight to get what is due to them.

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