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Staying safe at Florida’s famed theme parks

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While amusement parks provide incident-free fun for most guests, some visitors experience severe injuries in ride accidents or falls. Although major Orlando theme parks must report incidents resulting in 24 hours or more of hospitalization, these reports do not reflect the full extent of disability and expense that may result from ride-related injuries.

Review the factors that contribute to amusement park accidents so you and your family can avoid hazards.

Water-related incidents

In October, a 69-year-old man was rescued after he became unresponsive on the river raft ride at Aquatica Orlando. The ride, Roa’s Rapids, simulates the experience of white-water rafting. This incident represented one of seven injuries involving hospitalization in a single quarter of 2021. In addition, a visitor to the park died after riding Roa’s Rapids once in 2010 and again in 2017.

Medical incidents

In 2016, a man died of a heart attack after getting off the Universal Studios’ Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride. A lawsuit filed by the man’s family indicated that he did not speak English and was thus not aware of the potential risks of the attraction, which did not have warning signs in Spanish. In early 2021, two separate guests had seizures after riding thrill rides at the same park.

When visiting a theme park with your family, carefully follow all safety regulations. Do not ride an attraction if you have safety concerns or do not meet the requirements posted by the park.

If an amusement park injury results from negligence (lack of care) on behalf of the park or its employees, you may be able to pursue legal action for the expenses associated with medical care and other damages.

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