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Common manufacturing injuries in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation |

Approximately every seven seconds, a worker gets injured in the United States, and the industry with one of the highest records of injuries is the manufacturing business. If you work at a factory or plant in Florida, here are the common types of injuries you are likely to face and what to do if you get hurt.

Repetitive stress injury and musculoskeletal injuries

Factory workers perform the same task repeatedly throughout their shift. This can make your muscles, bones and joints become strained from overuse. Your soft tissues might start to deteriorate too quickly.

These injuries take time to develop, sometimes years. Symptoms you might experience include pain, numbness, tingling and loss of strength in the affected area. These injuries are reversible when you seek medical attention; however, they can cause permanent damage if you delay.

Slip and falls

Your employer or supervisor has the responsibility of making the workplace safe for you to work in. For instance, they should designate people who keep the floors clean and dry at all times to prevent slip and fall injuries.

If you are using oils and other liquids at your workplace, you must take measures to avoid fall injuries. This is because falls can lead to traumatic head injuries, sprains, spinal impairments and broken bones.

Exposure to harmful chemicals

Factory workers are at great risk of exposure to toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. If these chemicals spill on you, they can cause skin irritation, serious burns and respiratory issues. Also, long-term exposure to some chemicals like asbestos could result in cancer.

What can you do if you get injured?

It doesn’t matter how an accident occurred or who caused it; when you get injured at your job, you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation. This insurance coverage provides for the medical care you need, lost wages while recovering from your injuries, disability benefits and more. Additionally, it helps employers from experiencing a significant financial loss when their employee is harmed.

Manufacturing injuries are very serious. You must take every precaution to ensure that you and your colleagues are safe. If you do get hurt, make sure to seek medical help as soon as possible and then apply for the compensation benefits you deserve.


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