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Truck accidents and tire blowouts

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Trucking Accidents |

Truck accidents happen for various reasons, and moving violations are not the only ones. Sometimes, maintenance issues contribute to crashes on Florida roads and highways. Tire blowouts might be among the most frightening incidents involving a tractor-trailer. Yes, even a small car could cause a collision when the tire blows out, and the driver cannot control the vehicle. With a massive semi-truck, however, the potential disaster could be enormous.

Tire blowouts and oversized trucks

A semi-truck’s size makes it one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. An experienced driver might realize how deadly a crash could be, so the driver avoids committing moving violations. However, a driver could feel tired or become distracted, leading to a collision. So, many professional drivers do their best to avoid committing moving violations. Yet, if the driver of their employer does not perform routine maintenance and safety checks, they may be liable for any accidents.

Keeping an eye on the truck’s tires seems wise because rubber doesn’t last forever. Worn, dry-rotted, overinflated, and underinflated tires present a blowout risk. That is, the tire could outright explode while the truck is in motion.

Drivers must also be careful when traveling in extremely hot weather. Hot road surfaces may contribute to tire wear, and Florida is a state that experiences high temperatures. Consider that another reason why truckers should inspect tires frequently.

Truck crashes and negligence

Truck and motor vehicle accidents could involve several cars when a tire blows out unexpectedly. In a truck crash, several vehicles might end up crushed by the oversized vehicle. Fatalities may result.

Other deadly results could occur. A blown-out tire goes somewhere. The huge tires on tractor-trailers may place dangerous debris on the road. A car might hit the strewn rubber and hit a telephone pole. Pedestrians may get hit by the damaged tire when it comes off the wheel.

If a driver or the driver’s employer were negligent, expect them to face a lawsuit. Persons injured in a collision typically seek compensation for their losses, which could be enormous.

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