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Improper cargo loading could cost lives

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Trucking Accidents |

Concerns about truck accidents rank high among the worries of many commuters. A truck could cause enormous harm if it hits a smaller vehicle, so truck drivers must follow traffic laws. However, not every truck accident on Florida streets or highways involves moving violations. Improper loading can often be a factor as well.

Care and loading cargo on trucks

Heavy loads present hazards, which is why securing cargo on a truck is a critical safety step. One standard error involves overloading a truck with too much weight. And then some companies overload a tractor-trailer on purpose, hoping to move more cargo on a single trip. Excess loads present dangers since a vehicle might suffer performance problems, especially when attempting to travel uphill.

Poorly securing cargo can be more than sloppy work. It can be perilous. Loads that move around inside the trailer could shift the load’s weight, creating further dangers when the vehicle takes to the road. With open bed trucks, improperly securing the load could lead to cargo falling off and causing injuries or death.

The legal risks of improper cargo loading

Just as moving violations, distracted driving and driving under the influence could lead to truck crashes, so might improper cargo loading. Persons injured as a result of such negligent behavior may file a lawsuit. The same could be the case when someone tragically loses their life in such an accident.

Insurance settlements could be an option since such accidents would likely be covered perils. If liability extends to a trucking company, the enterprise’s commercial liability insurance might cover the incident.


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