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Fatal dangers on the job

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

A routine trip to work sometimes involves an unexpected accident. People get hurt on the job, even when the job doesn’t come with many risks. Then, there are worksites in Florida known for their hazards that could place experienced workers in danger. All employees should be alert to the most common hazards known for causing fatal accidents.

Deadly dangers on the job

OSHA notes four causes contribute to the most number of worker deaths. Employees may wish to familiarize themselves with them to prevent any mishaps better. Still, accidents happen, including fatal ones.

Not surprisingly, falls appear on the list. Anyone who falls from a great height could suffer internal injuries that might inflict death. Falls at ground level may impose the same tragic result since a short fall may result in a fractured skull.

Falls can occur anywhere under many circumstances, making them unpredictable and difficult to present. The same could apply to falling objects. A worker might drop a tool from a great height, and the impact on someone on ground level may be fatal.

Electrocutions and caught-between accidents are the other two incidents that complete the fatal four. And there are other deadly dangers workers may deal with on the job, including fires, motor vehicle accidents, workplace violence, and more.

Seeking financial support

Surviving family members may seek worker’s compensation benefits when someone dies on the job. Other workers’ comp benefits could also help cover financial losses when the worker survives but faces permanent disability.

Filing for worker’s comp requires following several deliberate steps. Providing evidence and documentation to support the claim is necessary. Some cases might face an initial denial, but options exist for those wishing to appeal.


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