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Teen car accident statistics

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In Florida, teenagers are the group that is at the highest risk of a car accident. They are less experienced behind the wheel as well as more impulsive and more likely to take risks. That is a dangerous combination for other drivers on the road.

Teen accident statistics

Car accidents are one of the top three causes of death for teens. Understanding what leads to accidents can help reduce them. There are two leading factors that make teen car accidents likely. The most impactful one is distracted driving. Teens love their phones, and using one when driving massively decreases awareness and makes it harder to react to your surroundings when they change. The other biggest factor is going too fast. This makes it harder to turn and control the car, and greater speed also makes accidents more lethal when they happen.

Risk factors

There are other risk factors that can affect the chances of teen motor vehicle accidents as well. For example, teens who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who are tired when they drive will not be able to be effective drivers and may get into an accident. Teens are also more likely to make mistakes that result from their lack of experience, and their style of driving can be harder for other drivers to predict and anticipate. That leads to more uncertainty and risk.

Teen drivers need to practice plenty of caution, even on routine drives, and they need to strictly avoid anything that would make their driving ability worse, from impairment to bad weather. Those are risky for everyone, but even more so for teen drivers.

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