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Delivery workers and liability for accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

One way delivery drivers can maximize their income involves completing as many orders as possible. Drivers who rush from a pickup point to a delivery point could make the regrettable decision to focus on speed instead of safety. Such actions could lead to personal injury litigation in a Florida courtroom.

Negligence and delivery driving

When a driver acts negligently or recklessly while delivering food, the driver could be liable for any injuries caused in an accident. If the driver travels above the speed limit and does not come to complete stops, such reckless behavior could support any negligence claims.

With any personal injury lawsuit, the negligent party would face claims. A driver who deliberately violates traffic laws or allows themselves to become distracted may be legally negligent. The employer could also become a civil case defendant if they contributed to the negligence. For example, an employer who demands deliveries finish within 20 minutes may be partially liable for crashes.

Many drivers are independent contractors who work with nationwide service apps in the modern food delivery landscape. The companies behind these apps and gig economy jobs might also be liable under certain circumstances. When the delivery app company ignores complaints about dangerous driving, such dismissive behavior could contribute to liability.

Filing claims for injuries

As with many other claims after motor vehicle accidents, an insurance policy may cover the losses. With the drivers, they need to have an insurance policy that specifically covers food delivery work. Otherwise, the policy may not cover the losses.

That said, with food delivery apps, insurance coverage could be in place through the service. Coverage limits may vary depending upon the driver’s job-based actions at the time of the collision.


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