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Phillips recalls CPAP and other sleep apnea devices

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Product Liability |

A recent recall by Phillips might affect Florida residents who suffer from sleep apnea. The company has pulled CPAP and other sleep apnea devices from the market to prevent potential injuries to users.

Devices recalled by Phillips

Phillips Respironics issued a recall on some CPAP, APAP and BiPAP devices used by individuals with sleep apnea. The company pulled over 17 million masks over concerns that magnets embedded in them could impact patients who have medical implants in their bodies.

Specific devices included in the recall are the Phillips DreamWisp, DreamWar, Amara View, Wisp and Wisp youth masks. All these devices include magnets that connect parts and hold the masks in place while the user wears them.

The reason for the recall

Phillips has expressed concerns that the magnets might impair the functioning of medical implant devices such as brain stents and cardioverter defibrillators. It also has concerns that people near them could also be affected. The masks might also affect people with other metallic components in their bodies. Those who do suffer injury from using these devices have a claim for product liability and might want to look into their legal options.

The voluntary recall occurred on June 14, 2022, and affected sleep apnea devices sold between 2009 and 2022. A few devices escaped the recall. By the end of August, the company received 14 reports of serious personal injury due to using the masks. No deaths occurred, but some patients experienced scary adverse effects such as seizures, erratic blood pressure, arrhythmia and even a failed pacemaker.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), deaths could occur from using masks. A spokesperson stated that individuals using the devices could suffer a variety of problems, including increased eye or brain pressure and defibrillator failure.

Defective products can cause serious harm to consumers. If you use one of these sleep apnea devices, you might have a valid claim.

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