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Lawsuits against delivery drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Various delivery trucks operate on roads throughout Florida. Some trucks might be full-sized tractor-trailers dropping off freight loads at affiliated warehouses, while other vehicles could be much smaller, carrying scores of packages intended for local deliveries. Most times, these trucks arrive at their destinations without problems. However, accidents happen, and victims may sue.

Delivery truck accidents

Questions about negligence arise when a delivery truck driver hits another vehicle or a pedestrian. If the driver was at fault, as might be the case with intoxication, distracted driving or committing moving violations, the victim may sue the driver.

Delivery drivers may find themselves running behind schedule, and they may speed. Speeding threatens everyone on the road, including drivers traveling above posted limits. Sometimes, avoiding a collision involves split-second reactions to get out of the way. The reverse happens, too. The victim may not get out of a speeding delivery truck in time to avoid a collision.

Suing the delivery company could be an option if the employer contributed negligence. If the employer owns the truck fleet, they are responsible for maintaining the vehicles. Allowing poorly maintained trucks to public streets could leave employers liable.

Added dangers of deliver trucks

A motor vehicle accident involving an oversized delivery truck may cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities to a greater degree than other collisions. While crashes involving various cars may result in catastrophic injuries, truck collisions come with deadly factors not present in other accidents. The design and construction of a massive semi-truck present added dangers.

A truck could drive over a smaller vehicle and crush it. The truck’s heated engine could come in contact with the vehicle’s occupants underneath. Contact with scalding metal engine components may cause severe burns.

Delivery drivers and their employers could be at fault for a car accident victim’s injuries. Filing a lawsuit or an insurance claim may allow victims to receive compensation.


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