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2022 marks slight decrease in fatal accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | Car Accident In Florida, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The first nine months of 2022 revealed slightly positive news about traffic deaths in the United States. The data won’t likely alleviate Florida commuters’ concerns about driving-related dangers. While any decrease reflects lives spared, potentially fatal risks continue to exist.

2022 traffic fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that January through September of 2022 experienced a 0.2% decrease in fatalities suffered in 2021 during those same months. Overall, the 2022 fatality figures indicate 31,785 deaths. And despite the decline in fatalities to drivers and passengers, deaths increased for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Those not inside a vehicle lack many protections, and impact with a moving car, truck or SUV may inflict catastrophic of fatal injuries. Drivers should exercise caution when near pedestrians and motorcyclists, but many choose to drive recklessly. Negligence often causes otherwise avoidable collisions.

Reckless actions

Moving violations cause motor vehicle accidents frequently, and speeding stands as one of the most common. Drivers rushing to a destination may or may not realize how they put themselves and others in jeopardy. Regardless, a speeding driver who causes a collision might face a liability claim if they cause a crash. The same applies to other reckless moving violations.

Drunk driving continues to cause numerous accidents in Florida and elsewhere. Intoxicated drivers could inflict catastrophic injuries if they lose control of their vehicles. Sometimes, drunk drivers become too impaired to concentrate properly, a problem that might be common with fatigued drivers.

Drivers whose negligence causes a wrongful death could face lawsuits claiming compensatory and punitive damages. An insurance claim may address compensatory damages, but policies could exclude punitive ones. A civil lawsuit might seek damages beyond what an insurance policy pays.


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