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Road rage could lead to accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Auto Accident |

Road rage refers to a driver’s angry response to other commuters, pedestrians, bicyclists and others. Stress often factors into why a driver may explode in anger at someone else although driving under the influence of mood-altering drugs may be another cause. Regardless of the reason for road rage, any driver who causes an accident in Florida because of an outburst could face legal troubles.

Road rage dangers

Road rage could lead to a violent confrontation between drivers that may escalate into a physical attack. Criminal charges could follow, and anyone who inflicts harm on another person faces a civil lawsuit. A lawsuit may result if road rage leads to a vehicle collision.

Road rage often leads to aggressive behavior and dangerous moving violations. For example, a driver might tailgate another vehicle, increasing the risks of a rear-end collision. Drivers could cut other cars off or speed through a red light or stop sign. Such behaviors also increase the potential for a collision.

Road rage may cause distractions. A driver who honks their horn or makes an obscene gesture might not pay enough attention to the road to remain aware of their surroundings. They could also distract another driver with their antics. When someone suffers from distractions behind the wheel, motor vehicle accidents are possible.

Road rage and civil suits

A personal injury lawsuit involves an injured party seeking compensation from a negligent party for their losses. Victims of motor vehicle accidents may seek compensation if they suffer severe injuries and financial losses. A road-raging driver’s reckless behavior may support claims they were negligent and caused the crash.


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