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Truck inspections to address dangers

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Trucking Accidents |

Commercial truck drivers must prepare themselves for a planned Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspection blitz. The CVSA plans such inspections to ensure Florida and American roads remain safe from dangerous semi-trucks. The inspections also extend to Canada and Mexico. Considering the hazards trucks present when they have problems with their brakes and cargo loads, the inspections can take several unsafe trucks off the road.

The 72-hour blitz

For 72 hours in May of 2023, CVSA-certified inspectors will perform checks on take steps to examine commercial trucks’ anti-lock braking systems (ABS). The inspectors will also look at the trucks’ cargo to ensure it is secured safely and effectively. In 2022, the inspections resulted in 12,000 vehicles and upwards of 4,000 drivers being removed from service.

Problems with anti-lock brakes can result in skidding or a loss of control. Any truck brake problems can lead to an otherwise avoidable crash. One further point about brake-related truck collisions involves dangers associated with the braking distance. A tractor-trailer cannot stop as quickly as a smaller vehicle. The laws of physics require a far greater stopping distance when an oversize truck travels at a higher rate of speed. An accident might be unavoidable when the driver operates their truck too fast, or the vehicle has malfunctioning brakes.

Dangers on the road

Poorly secured cargo can cause accidents, as well. If the load inside a trailer shifts or moves, a truck driver may find it difficult to operate the vehicle smoothly. The shipment can come loose, resulting in truck accidents that harm others. Everything from cutting corners to getting a truck on the road to using poorly trained or unsupervised workers results in ineffectively secured loads.

Civil lawsuits might follow when people get hurt when a poorly maintained tractor-trailer causes a collision. The same may occur when reckless driving leads to a crash. To avoid personal injuries or legal troubles, these inspections are necessary.

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