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Accidents you can experience or witness on the road

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Car Accident In Florida |

While you’re driving on the roads in Florida, there’s a risk that you can be involved in a car accident. The type of accident is often dictated by the actions of other drivers as well as your own actions or distractions while in your vehicle. The following are a few of the most common accidents that you can experience or encounter.

Rear ending

One of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents is one that involves rear-ending another vehicle. This can happen because traffic suddenly stops in front of the other car in front of you, resulting in not being able to get your car stopped fast enough to avoid a collision. Distractions while driving can also result in rear-ending another car or someone rear-ending you, such as talking on the phone or diverting your eyes to other sights along the road.


While driving through an intersection, a driver might not pay attention to the stop sign or stop light. This can lead to the driver hitting another vehicle in a manner that looks like the letter “T.” Either side of the vehicle that’s hit in this type of accident can result in severe injuries.


If a vehicle hits another at a high rate of speed, either vehicle involved can roll over once or multiple times. This can also occur in larger vehicles or those that are top-heavy, such as SUVs or vans. Rollover accidents can result in the driver or passengers being ejected from the vehicle.

Although you might not be involved in a car accident, you may see them take place while in your travels. Knowing the type of accident that you witness will enable you to better describe the situation to authorities in case you are asked to provide details on what you have seen.

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