Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, but when you live in an area full of tourism, the chances of getting into a crash go up. People who are unfamiliar with the area and who may not expect to see motorcyclists may make mistakes that put your very life in danger.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make your time on the road safer. Following just a few safety tips can significantly reduce the risk of a motorcycle crash and serious injuries or death.

1. Avoid door zones

Whether you’re traveling down a roadway that has parallel parking spots or you’re driving through a parking lot, you need to take steps to prevent getting too close to parked cars. Drivers who are parking may open their door into your lane without looking, giving you no time to stop and avoid the dooring accident.

2. Wear the right safety gear

Safety gear isn’t just designed to look nice and provide padding. It’s also designed to help make you stand out, so drivers have a better chance of seeing you on the roads.

When you’re riding, try to wear light-colored or bright, reflective gear. Wear a helmet with a visor that is easy to see through and add on reflective elements if your outfit doesn’t have them. While you might be easy to see no matter what you wear in the daytime, dawn, dusk and nighttime riders are at risk without these helpful additions.

3. Be vigilant about what surrounds you

If you’re traveling alone on an abandoned road, the likelihood is that you can relax a little bit, but that’s unlikely in Orlando. You should always be on guard. That means slowing down before intersections (even if you have a green light), being aware of people pulling out from driveways or side streets and watching cautiously for drivers making right-hand turns into the same lane of travel.

If you aren’t sure if a driver sees you, it’s better to slow down and put more space between your vehicles than to hope that they see you coming. That may be the only way that you’re able to evade an accident that they would have otherwise caused.

If you are hit while riding on your motorcycle, remember that the at-fault driver can be held accountable and made to cover the cost of your medical care and any other losses you suffer.