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Thomas DeLattre and Glen D. Wieland

Protecting Your Future After a Motorcycle Accident

There are always risks when getting behind the wheel, but that danger is multiplied when mounting a motorcycle. Without the protection that seat belts and air bags provide in cars and trucks, even a fender bender can lead to serious injuries for motorcyclists. It is an unfortunate truth, but even wearing a helmet, protective clothing and obeying the rules of the road cannot always keep you accident- or injury-free.

Your focus should be on healing, not on paying for medical bills or damages. You can depend on the skilled attorneys of Wieland & DeLattre. We have over 35 years of experience handling motorcycle and other serious accidents. We have represented clients who are avid motorcycle riders and have been doing so for years to help them obtain the compensation they need.

The Dangers Motorcyclists Face

Every time motorcyclists hop on their bikes, whether for a leisurely Sunday morning cruise around Orlando or commuting to the office, they face many risks that are often out of their control. These risks often include inattentive drivers who:

  • Swerve into neighboring lanes
  • Roll through stop signs
  • Ignore side and rearview mirrors before switching lanes
  • Make emergency stops
  • Do not keep proper distance from the motorcycle
  • Do not understand a motorcycle’s right of way
  • Do not see the motorcycle at all

These risks are amplified by all-too-common negligent behaviors, such as driving while intoxicated and texting while driving. In a matter of seconds, negligent behavior can lead to life-changing injuries or a fatal motorcycle crash.

Taking Action for Fair and Just Compensation

Though safety equipment and safe driving can surely reduce a motorcyclist’s risk of injury, there is no such thing as 100 percent safety on Florida roads, especially when drivers may not value safe driving as much as you do.

If you are involved in a vehicle crash while riding your motorcycle, do not hesitate to consult the personal injury professionals at Wieland & DeLattre to ensure that you receive the treatment and compensation you deserve. Our firm focuses on customer service, so you can put your trust in our personalized guidance to help you get your life back on track.

Additionally, unique insurance issues often arise following a motorcycle accident. The attorneys at Wieldand & DeLattre have extensive experience interpreting insurance policies that affords maximizing coverage for your injuries, losses and damages.

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