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How your husband’s motorcycle crash and brain injury affect you

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Auto Accident |

Maybe your husband already had a motorcycle when you first met him, and part of the reason you fell in love with him was his sense of adventure. Perhaps getting a motorcycle was a way for your husband to celebrate a promotion at work or achieving other major milestones.

Regardless of the reason why he rode and when he started riding, you probably always recognize that there was some degree of risk involved in his passion for two-wheeled transportation. Finding out that your spouse has been in a motorcycle crash, especially ones with a larger vehicle, can be a terrifying experience.

Once the fear wears off and your husband gets discharged from the hospital, you might expect that life will go back to normal. However, especially in cases where a driver suffers a brain injury, you may have to adjust your expectations regarding his recovery and the way you continue your married life.

Brain injuries can keep someone from going back to work

When someone suffers a brain injury as a result of a motorcycle crash, they may experience a wide range of different symptoms. From issues with equilibrium to problems with memory or even changes in personality, the symptoms your husband experiences may prevent him from returning to his job.

Sometimes, with mild brain injuries, it may be possible to continue working in a different field. Other times, remaining employed may become impossible. You may either need to return to work or possibly consider changing your career in order to become the primary wage-earner for your household.

You may not be able to go to work if your husband requires daily care

Moderate and severe brain injuries can often produce symptoms that make it impossible for a person to care for themselves. In some cases, they may need routine medical help and monitoring to ensure their safety.

Whether you worry about the costs involved with bringing a nurse into your home or you worry that they may not treat your spouse properly, you may decide that the best option is for you to stay home and provide that care. Obviously, doing so will expose you to the stress often experienced by caregivers and impact your financial solvency.

Thankfully, you can potentially bring a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash with your husband’s motorcycle. His lost wages, medical costs, the cost of retrofitting your house for his new needs and even your lost wages if you must provide care to him can all be part of the compensation you seek after a motorcycle accident changes your life.


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