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How mindful are drivers about motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents |

“Share the road” stands as a common piece of advice given to drivers. Florida car owners usually know to be careful around other vehicles and, of course, pedestrians. Drivers don’t want to get into accidents with motorcyclists either, but motorcycles aren’t always easy to see. Therefore, drivers must be careful to avoid any collisions.

Keeping an eye out for motorcyclists

When parked, many drivers open their doors to exit because they assume all is clear. Other vehicles are further out in the lane, and pedestrians are on the sidewalk. A driver might not think about motorcyclists who may travel closer to parked vehicles. Opening a door right before a motorcyclist passes could lead to a terrible outcome.

Looking out for motorcyclists proves prudent when nearing or stopped at an intersection. While waiting at a red light, it might be wise to check for any motorcyclists nearby. Be mindful of motorcyclists that may execute a turn, as well.

Drivers should avoid speeding and other moving violations. Anything that undermines safe driving could lead to a crash. Sadly, motorcyclists don’t have the protection of a pickup truck’s steel frame, making them at great risk for harm.

Motorcyclists have responsibilities on the road

A motorcyclist may be the person entirely at fault for a collision, but that might not mean much to a driver who suffers an injury. Being “in the right” and recovering from severe injuries won’t be an enjoyable experience. So, taking steps to prevent motorcycle and motor vehicle accidents seems better than seeking compensation after a collision.

Motorcyclists could benefit from wearing an appropriate helmet and following all traffic laws. Taking advantage of a motorcycle’s maneuverability is not worth the risk of permanent injury.

Those who suffer because of a driver or motorcyclist’s negligence might choose to speak to an attorney. An attorney could advise on steps to take to recover any financial losses.


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