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How can you stay safe on your motorcycle this summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycling can be fun and relaxing. But it can also be dangerous. Those who ride their bikes are left without the safety features found in cars, trucks, and SUVs, which puts them at risk of being seriously injured in a wreck.

Given the limited visibility of motorcycles, and other motorists’ lack of motorcycle awareness, these accidents are all too common, too, with Florida seeing more than 600 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2021 alone. In addition, hundreds of people are hurt in Florida motorcycle crashes each month.

Therefore, if you regularly ride, then you’re at risk of being involved in one of these devastating wrecks that can leave you and your family reeling in the aftermath. As scary as that reality sounds, there are steps you can take to better protect yourself from a tragic motorcycle accident.

What you can do to try to avoid a serious motorcycle accident

To protect yourself as fully as possible, you must be a defensive rider. You also have to mitigate the risk of harm as much as you can. Here are some ideas for how to achieve those outcomes:

  • Be on high alert at intersections: A lot of motorcycle accidents result when drivers of passenger vehicles fail to recognize that a motorcyclist is coming toward them or are in the lane next to them. As a result, these motorists sometimes turn into motorcycles, giving riders little to no opportunity to take defensive action. So, as you prepare to enter an intersection slow down, stay alert, and anticipate other drivers to pull out in front of you or change lanes into you.
  • Obey traffic laws: This might sound obvious, but a lot of motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding and other traffic violations. So, if you want to stay as safe as possible, then you should stick to the speed limit, signal when changing lanes, and fully stop at stop signs and red lights.
  • Keep a proper distance between yourself and other vehicles: Rear-end collisions are common when it comes to motorcycle accidents. To avoid slamming into the vehicle in front of you, be sure to keep enough distance between your bike and the lead vehicle to give yourself plenty of time to slow down and stop before colliding with it. This means the faster you’re going the more distance you should give yourself.
  • Stay visible: You can’t trust other drivers to be aware of your presence when you’re on a motorcycle. But you can make yourself more easily seen by avoiding blind spots and riding in areas where other drivers can see you in their side and rearview mirrors.
  • Anticipate the worst: Part of the fun of riding a motorcycle is the feelings of freedom and control. But you can’t expect that other drivers will give you free reign over the road. Instead, you should expect that they’re going to move erratically and put you at risk of an accident. This anticipation will give you an edge, allowing you to take proper defensive action when necessary.
  • Wear a helmet: This can mitigate the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury, and it could even save your life.

What should you do if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident?

If you’re hurt in a motorcycle crash, then you should analyze your circumstances to see if you’re justified in taking legal action against the other driver involved in your wreck. If so, then a personal injury lawsuit may be on the horizon.

A successful claim can give you a sense of closure and lead to the recovery of much needed compensation, but you have to be prepared to advocate for yourself. So, if you’re ready to fight for what you deserve, then now is the time to start gathering evidence and building your legal arguments.



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