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Dog bite: Who’s responsible?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Dog Bite Liability |

Man’s best friend can sometimes be our worst enemy, especially when they are confronted with a person they’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, it is those exact instances that tend to lead a person in Florida to be bitten by a dog. But if a person is bitten within another home, who’s fault is it really? Read on to learn further information about each person’s legal responsibility when a dog bite incident has occurred.

Is the owner at fault?

The vast majority of times, a dog who bites another person will be the owner. In this instance, yes, the owner would be at fault for the injuries the other person sustained from the dog bite. However, there are other occasions in which the owner is not at fault for dog bites. These situations include:

  • Another person was the handler
  • The handler is a minor
  • The person bitten knew the dog was dangerous and given warnings<

Dog bite at work

There are some cases in which employers will allow a person’s dog to visit the workplace. Some employers believe that this is good for morale and thus allow it. But what if that dog bites a person? If the employer is simply allowing the dog for the employee’s convenience and not the purposes of liability, then the employer is not allowed to be sued. The injured party would have to rely on seeking compensation from the owner.

Although the above mentioned are some of the most common cases relating to dog bites, there are many more instances of when the fault is unclear. Thus, it is recommended to seek an attorney’s services to be advised on the best possible legal route for your case.

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