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How Smartphones are Getting Smarter to Prevent Distracted Driving

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Auto Accident |

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In our blogs, we have written extensively about the dangers of distracted driving. From eating breakfast on your morning commute to focusing on in-car conversations more than the road ahead, there are many factors that can take your mind, eyes or hands away from the task of safe driving. Though any distracting factor while driving can be a danger when driving, chief among them is your cell phone.

As a constantly beeping, vibrating, chirping device that acts as a portal to your friends, family and the internet, it is easy to see why. Though you may assume your cell phone is public enemy number one when it comes to distracted driving, you might be surprised by the different ways it can safeguard you while on the road.

Cell Phone Distracted Driving Prevention

  • Bluetooth Functionality: Before Bluetooth headsets and in-car Bluetooth functionality, people were forced to take a hand off the steering wheel to make or take a call. Luckily, many new cars have Bluetooth technology that allows for hands-free calls. Additionally, people can buy very inexpensive wireless headphones that allow for hands-free calling.

    Note, however, that even hands-free calling does not mean distraction-free calling. Though your eyes may be on the road and your hands may be on the wheel, if your mind is not focused on the act of driving, you could still be at risk. When possible, take the call when you have safely arrived at your destination.
  • Driving Mode: Though not all phones have this function “baked” into their operating systems, some allow you to enable a driving mode that mutes notifications from social media, text messages, calls, games and more.The problem? This functionality only works if users choose to enable it. With many unwilling to pause their social and social media lives, it may not be effective without education on the dangers of texting and driving.
  • Anti-Distraction Apps: For phones without a built-in driving mode, there are some mobile applications available that can keep you and your children safe while driving. These apps allow drivers to:
    • Send parent notifications
    • Block texts
    • Block calls
    • Track safe miles driven
    • Provide rewards for safe driving
    • Share driver’s locations

Make no mistake about it: using your phone while driving is dangerous. However, by utilizing Bluetooth hands-free devices, enabling your phone’s driving mode (if available) and using anti-distraction mobile apps, you can avoid distracted driving. Just remember, that call, text or Facebook notification is not worth risking your life or the lives of fellow drivers, cyclists and pedestrians you may not see before it’s too late. Drive safely.

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