People who are in a car wreck won’t always know right away what types of injuries they have. Some of the possibilities won’t manifest until days or weeks after the crash. It is necessary to keep a watchful eye on how you feel if you have been in a car accident.

The type of wreck and the speed of the vehicles, as well as the location of the impact and your location in the vehicle, can all play a role in what injuries you suffer. For this reason, the medical care team will ask you pointed questions about these facts if you must seek medical care.

A few common injuries include broken bones, lacerations and bruises. Those will usually be apparent right away, even if only because of the pain that is present. In some cases, more serious injuries like those to the spinal cord might also be evident right away.

One injury that might not be so noticeable immediately is a brain injury. In some cases, you can suffer a concussion and not show signs for a few days. Slow brain bleeds might not produce any signs right away either. If you suddenly have a headache in the days or weeks following the crash, you should probably get checked out.

Whiplash is another injury that you might not know about until the next day or even a bit after that. Neck pain and stiffness are the most common signs of this condition.

After the crash, you might decide to seek compensation for the damages that you are dealing with. This can be the decrease in your income, the sudden influx of medical bills or the increase in financial obligations that stem from the wreck.