Victims of motor vehicle accidents already know how deep the damage can run after a crash. Along with significant physical injuries, many victims suffer in additional ways. For example, a victim injured in an accident may suffer from depression, paranoia or other mental and emotional hardships.

When negligence plays a role in motor vehicle accidents, most victims want to hold the responsible parties liable to the fullest extent allowed by law. In many cases, this means pursuing pain and suffering damages in addition to economic damages. Florida does allow victims to seek pain and suffering in a legal action. When successful, this means that victims of motor vehicle accidents have the opportunity to acquire additional compensation based on their level of suffering.

Economic damages, which are readily available for pursuit in most negligent injury cases, cover items like medical bills and lost wages. Pain and suffering damages go beyond these expenses to address more abstract harm victims may suffer. For example, if a motor vehicle accident victim develops severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the wake of the crash, pain and suffering damages may be an option.

As already discussed, the concept of pain and suffering is difficult to measure in a dollar amount. However, an injury attorney experienced in these matters can help victims present a solid case. In turn, this can greatly improve the odds of a successful outcome.

Because the injuries you suffer in a motor vehicle crash can plague you for many years, it is critical to acquire as much compensation as possible. This will ensure you have the funds to pay for all of your necessary medical treatment. It will also help you address any future suffering you experience as a result of the collision.