Finding yourself involved in a car accident is never easy, even if the damage left to the vehicle is minor, and the injuries you suffered are minor. The actions you take after a car accident can play a big role in whether or not you will be able to successfully bring a claim against the at-fault driver in Orlando. Below, you will find tips for documenting evidence at a car accident scene.

Use your phone to take a lot of pictures. You could never take too many pictures after being in an accident. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicle, your injuries, debris from the crash, the road conditions, road signs, the weather and anything else you think an attorney will want to see.

Do your best to avoid stepping in any fluid from the vehicle or any bodily fluids. Doing so could not only put your health at risk, but also ruin how the police will document the evidence and examine the crash scene.

If your phone takes video, take a video of the entire area. A video will be able to better show the intersection, traffic lights, lanes and other hazards that could have contributed to the accident.

Take notes too. Use your phone to voice record notes about the crash. This could be to speak with witnesses, record insurance information, record what the police are saying and much more.

The ability to take pictures and even video following a car accident in Orlando is crucial to any personal injury case you file. The more evidence you have that helps build your case against the at-fault driver, the likelier it becomes that you will receive compensation for your injuries.