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The impact of wrongful death on surviving family members

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

It is hard enough to lose a loved one to an illness, an accident or old age. It can be even more difficult when a loved one dies because of the negligent actions of another person, which is called wrongful death. Your loved one is ripped from your life without warning. How do you continue to live without your spouse, child, sibling or other family member? Let’s examine how wrongful death impacts the surviving family members.

First and foremost, the wrongful death of a loved one changes the dynamics of your family immediately, especially if the loved one was the breadwinner. You might have to find a job, or find a different or second job to make ends meet. Your teenage children might have to work to help provide for the family.

Going through the rest of your life without your loved one will be difficult. You will think about them every single day and wonder about the what ifs of the situation that led to their death.

If your loved one had young children, explaining to them that they must now grow up without their mother or father can be overwhelming. They might not be old enough to understand right now why their parent is never coming home. You should consider taking them to a family therapist or psychologist as soon as possible to help them cope with the pain.

Wrongful death is a serious problem that affects thousands of people every year. Even though you can be compensated for a loved one’s wrongful death, it still will not bring them back or cure your pain.


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