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Product liability claims for defective medical devices

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Product Liability |

Manufacturers and designers of medical devices take many steps to make certain these products are safe for consumers. When your doctor prescribes you such a device, you can be reasonably sure that the product has already undergone many safety tests. However, there are times when even a well-tested device can cause harm to Florida patients.

To overcome the financial hardships that usually accompany injuries caused by defective devices, many victims choose to pursue a product liability claim. While these claims are often quite complex, a skilled legal team can greatly strengthen your odds of finding a satisfactory remedy. This means that you can acquire enough compensation to cover your medical needs for the duration of your injury even if it results in permanent disability.

Examples of common medical devices that are sometimes defective include the following.

  • Hip, knee and joint implants
  • Portable oxygen delivery systems
  • Pacemakers and heart valves
  • Transvaginal mesh products
  • Medication delivery systems

As you might expect, when any of the products above malfunction, the results are often catastrophic for patients. For example, if a portable oxygen system malfunctions, it may cause a fire or an explosion, or it may deprive you of the oxygen you need to survive. In another example, if a pacemaker malfunctions, you could suffer a life-threatening cardiac arrest.

The point we hope to make is that you have legal options when defective products injure you or threaten your life. A product liability claim empowers you to hold the responsible parties to account for your suffering, even if the malfunction was an accident. Please read more on our injury and product liability webpages. We also invite you to contact our firm for more individualized information.

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