The trickiest part of dealing with personal injury cases is that some injuries get worse with time. Traumatic brain injuries have a severe effect on people who suffer from them. Not only are there immediate risks to contend with, but there are also long-term impacts that will affect your whole life. These literally diminish the quality of life because of the unique challenges that they bring. 

According to the CDC, when the brain is injured, it starts to repair itself immediately. When combined with the right treatment, these therapeutic methods allow you to recover in six months. Most of the symptoms are easy to cure, and the body will ultimately return to its normal functioning within a short period and not as long as some injuries may take. 

Even so, some parts of the brain are irreparable and will result in continuous decrease and, thus, long term damage. It is the case for moderate traumatic brain injuries that last from the time of injury to a few months or a couple of years. Since some of these symptoms take time to show, most patients do not realize the intensity of their injuries until years later. 

It is why you must seek medical assistance immediately after head and brain injuries. Your doctor will tell you whether the injured parts of the brain will get better with time. This way, when you make your claim, you will know whether the payment you receive will cover the required future treatment for your condition. It will also help when a medical professional can testify about your situation in court.